Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Street Food Fez (its in Morocco)

As you all may have seen as of late or not, that I seem to be adding lots of videos to this blog and making it less like a blog and more like a video pimp out. Well that is kinda what I am doing to a degree. I have been sick and my eyes bugging me, so long hours in front of the computer coming up with a topic and then researching (when I say researching I mean Wiki and youtube with a hint of google) it is a pain in the butt... figuratively speaking. It is my eyes after all. So instead I have gone through some of my faved channels on youtube and have started showing some of the programs that I like to watch.  Mind you I still end up in front of the computer for some time. But it is a little shorter then the other way. So there is a show on Al Jazeera that I like to watch from time to time called "Street Food". It takes a look at different foods all around the world the coulters that accompany them. Food can teach you about people. So here is one about Fez. I have wonted to visit Fez for a few years now. It all started after a saw a house on TV from there. There is something about the patterns and colours that makes you stand back and take a closer look. Well I hope you like them. I sagest taking a look at other ep's.  

Street Food - Fez

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