Sunday, March 15, 2009


So Im siting here in front of the laptop, well I could be under or even over, heck even behind but that would make typing hard. Where was I? Ah laptop, yes, I came back from a baby shower thing. Its not a baby shower but a Yay the baby is born party its just I forget the name of it and keep thinking Ikea in my head. Now that would be interesting... Ikea baby. Put slot A into slot B. Make sher not to mix up. May lead to ocword feeding. Ikea has some nice things. But there stores are built like a maze to trap customers. You can only pass 100 tea candles so many times till you brake down and bye them. Your inner monolog the first time around " 100 tea candles for 2.99, thats good. But I don't really need them." second time "Oh the tea candles again, thats a vary good price maybe next time." third time " Oh candles mmmm maybe..." forth time " candles many times have I past here?" By the end have been trapped in the Ikae triangle so long they even get you to by meet balls. I mean, in who's thought process does it seem like a good idea to bye meet from a furniture store? You wouldn't go to the Brick for a stake? No. But Ikea can sell you anything if they trap you long enough. But if you can manege to get out in under 3 hours then you can get good stuff for a starter apartment. I added 2 hours on cuz once you find what you wont you writ it down then you have to  find the bloody thing all over again. Ok so I lost what I was originally going to try by going off on an Ikea rant. Well there is always tomorrow. Bye

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