Friday, March 27, 2009

Everything Gaelic (with a small separatist take)

Hello All. I just got back from a fun filled day shopping for a gift for a friend... well I bought stuff myself too. Though I went to jumma first. Meet up with a guy from work and his sun that are considering Islam and had lunch with a nice cupel. I was beaten to the bill (Thank you for lunch). My kitty just came to sit with me. So now I am at home after stopping off at work to pick up my employ card. Lucky I went cuz I found out there was a staff screening of Monsters vs. Aliens tonight. So now I am getting down to the post I have been putting off for the last week almost. 

I read online some time ago that there is a Scottish Gaelic Qu'ran being made. Witch I think is way cool. It seems in the last few years that Scottish Gaelic is fighting back ageist the english domination for lack of a better word. Now I know that Scottish Gaelic is mostly a Highlands thing seeing as Scots is spoken more readily in the lowlands. But Gaelic has hard a harder time within the English rule. Yes I am a Scottish separatist (300 years... Its gota work one of these days. Though the Bloody English government made that law-ish to keep the scottish oil from the scottish, well make it harder to get. But yes back to my mane subject.) Where was I? Um oh yes. In the last few years Gaelic in scotland has been making a comeback. As of 2005 it has been put back into scottish schools. The Scottish Have been given there Own parliament ... though it still answers to the English. There is no point of saying UK. Cuz its really the English that control the rest not like the little old chunk of Ireland there holing onto is making any calls. This is tearing more separatist then Gaelic...Back to Gaelic. Along with Getting Scottish notes in the Bank There is now BBC ALBA a Scottish Gaelic TV channel. You may ask yourself Why is it AlBA? Well that is the name of Scotland in Gaelic. There are even all Gaelic school that have been set up. In 2007 there was a grate movie (SEACHD) that was put out in all Gaelic that was meet with grate ac-lame, But when it can time for the Oscars the England based group that nominates movies said that "they did not have any worthy non-english language films". Witch the Oscer people in the USA asked them Why they where not putting that movie in (some even demanded it). The UK group was made to open a panel to discus the idea of putting the movie in but they still desided it was not "Worthy" so they left they category blank. It ended with the director of the movie renouncing his membership with the film bord. There seems to be a fear in some groups that there lousing control of Scotland. Witch I reply "you should be". Though I would never go IRA on them. Lets hope that the movie the Stone of Destiny makes it into the Oscars. When do the Oscars happen? The Film SEACHD is about a Boy that visits his grandfather that is drying in the hospital and remembers the past and try's to figure out his parents deaths. The Song at the end always gets me. But Yes Gaelic is making a comeback in a good way. Yay Oh a little fact that I read is that at last count there was only 2 people left that only spoke scottish Gaelic (in there 90's I think). And there is only 18 letter in the alphabet! Here is a Link for Scottish Gaelic Lang info

(100% hala for thoughs that do not lessen to anything other then singing)

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