Thursday, March 12, 2009


I was surfing the web like I all ways do after looking kitty related topics and I stumbled upon old propaganda/USA army manuals serca 1944-1946. So here I will answer some of the old propaganda questions from ye olden days.. Now where to start? 
Brainwashing a lager group of people to suite an agenda.
Um sher why not, ...nah just kidding. If you really wont a crime wave you have to start your own. 
I'm undecided, what is your opinion? How about you? and you? 
Cuz they can. 

Rehabilitate, impressed for life. Death is only an escape 
wile it is better to have them spending there life trying to make up for it. 
AHahaha, no... as I'm making people sad, why not... SANTA is NOT REAL! ...ouch
Say what?  
...sher.......Undocumented workers anyone?
If I had my way scotland would be free. Free ALBA! Fuasgail Alba! 
Well if the oil price's stay as they are it will be about $1000 for a flight to your neighboring town. 
Lots of men if you have ever seen men in trees! 
Have then sell there stuff lol! 
We will all watch it and become zombies! Remember real friends chop off there zombie friends' head.
No Lock her in the house! 

PS. I will save the kitty propaganda for another day! YAY
PPS. I joked with most of them. Can you guess witch ones?

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