Saturday, June 14, 2008

What I want right now - Striped Blazer

Ok, so here's the deal...I love blazers...and I love stripes. Put them together and I'm in total outerwear heaven. I prefer big, bold stripes that you can you can spot from a mile away but I can also appreciate the chic simplicity of subtle stripes.

I've had a thing for striped blazers for a long time but I hadn't fed my lust in a while when I stumbled on Captured Lives' blog and saw a photo of her wearing this wonderful vintage one.

That pretty much instantly reignited my desire and now I really want one again. So off I went a huntin' for striped blazers available online and I found a few of them ranging in price from under US$20 to a little over US$100.

I probably still won't be getting one any time soon but sharing with you helps me feel a tad better. Just a tad...

Lauren Ralph Lauren Petites Vertical Stripe Sweater Jacket
Price: US$126.75

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