Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fashion Inspiration - Fun Fab Fringe

The fringe has sprung up as a major trend for spring and summer and it's showing no signs of slowing down.

The decorative trim was seen a great deal in various S/S08 collections such as Gareth Pugh, Maurizio Pecararo, D&G and Zac Posen.

photos courtesy style.com

This is not a new style, however, as the fringe has been around for a very long time. It has been used during various eras and in many cultures to achieve different aesthetics on clothing .

I've observed that during two eras in particular, the 1920s and the 1970s when the fringe was popular, it seemed to be a symbol of independence. During the 20s, rebellious flappers often wore fringed dresses and in the 70s, the younger defiant generation also wore fringe trimmed clothing. Perhaps it was the loose movement of the fringe that was symbolic of freedom and breaking away from the norms of society.

Below are examples of the different ways the fringe was used. There was the military fringe, the Native American fringe, the flapper fringe, the 70s boho fringe, the Victorian fringe and the cowboy fringe.

photos courtesy www.flickr.com/photos/fcf_redcoat, native-american-market.com,
oodora.com, jamd.com, cwrl.utexas.edu, moonrakerqh.com

The fringe has also been seen on a number of stylish girls around the blogosphere recently.

A few include:

Jennine in her lovely DIY fringe tank (The Coveted), Susie Bubble in her funky fringed pink tights (Style Bubble), Rumi in her Western fringed jacket (Fashion Toast), Nonno in her black fringed ankle boots (Nonno's Chic Blog), Underthestares in her long fringed scarf (Underthestares' Chic Blog) and She's Dressing Up with her cute fringed purse (She's Dressing Up).

I've found some cool, fun fringed items that you might like.

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