Tuesday, August 3, 2010

UPDATE (old by now) for travelling to the UAE

If going to the UAE [KSA] from Oman please be aware your Blackberry instant messenger won't work and other internet services. Because UAE and the Saudi (family) claim it is a threat to national security. Yeah. OK.

Because if I were a terrorist I'd instant message the big O my terrorist plans (ripped from a Tom Clancy novel) from my blackberry in Dubai. Because....


Because I can't do that from my I-phone.

Oh no! I, the terrorist, shall have to change phones!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, you say?

But my pretty sparkly blackberry cover featuring hello kitty WON'T FIT on my I-phone!!!!!! Nooooooo!!!!! My cover will be SO blown.


http://muscatjetdriver.blogspot.com/2010/08/dubai-take-another-evolutionary-leap.html (He broke the story and the Omani newspapers covered it the next day)

(He added the links for what you can use instead:) thanks UD)

(and he added the point that, hmmm, the business capital of the ME is blocking the most used business device-STUPIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD beYOND belief).
And I of course added my AWESOME terrorist speech. Since I have encountered enough stupid anti-terrorism policies back in my home country (people often thought of one member of OPNO---Princess----(former window display designer that she was for a major fashion chain) as a potential terrorist, get that LOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL:XD) to have thought, IF I WERE a terrorist, this is what I would do instead of the stupid, stupid, crap some idiots would think I'd be LAME ENOUGH to come up with. Ah well, UAE, I bet I can get my lil sis and my father a nice blackberry on sale now. That makes OPNO happy.

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