Wednesday, August 18, 2010

For me, there is just something about Masculine Bedrooms...

For me, there is jt SOMETHING about masculine bedrooms. I find myself more at home in them then overtly feminine ones. Something that everything is simple, stated, defined. I know, I know, I CAN'T restrain myself this much. But I love it. I want to go into this room and make it all cluttered. But then take that away, and this is what it is. It is not pretending to BE anything else, even when it is filled with things. Feminine rooms have a glamour to them, a pretension, or they are dull. Masculine rooms have a simplicity of being definable.
I don't know why, but feminine touches like gilt mirrors in an grey room give off such an aristocratic male air that I don't care if the room isn't me. Or heavy grey wood with gilt touches. The man that has such is sooooooooo masculine no one can say anything.
For some reason tropical, exotic rooms masculine rooms make me think of anti-heros played by Humphrey Bogart. Or below: Richard Sharpe from the Sharpe series (or Gatsby).
Or the modern 'playboy/business man' who is really just looking for his equal...Guide to taking a room down to its masculine basics from a inspiration photo, as demonstrated below: basic one colour for all walls. Curtains same matched neutral. Same pillows, unless for an accent trim. No feminine print cushions. One that bed pictured below: get rid of the center cushion. Take flowers out of vase. Voila, my father would be right at home here.
Or this room:None of those flowers. Average (sleep on them pillows), and one object du art instead of a floral arrangement? My papa would be proud to call it home. Add a potter fern or something (greenery, not floral) for a tropical vibe, a leather airmchair in the corner, and a paisley throw, and my grandpas is at home.

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