Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quote of the day, and ooooookay, so TOMORROW is Ramadan (probaby)

Last night I accomplished most of my Ramadaan chore goals unrelated to religious thinking. I even determined my Eid dress [silk Dhofari father-of-the-tail dress in yellow floral silk by Valentino with simple delicate beading and no over-embellishment] and plain burnt orange Dior silk sirwaal pants that match the floral pattern in the yellow dress [the flowers are purple and orange and blue] that I shall handbead with round crystals surrounded by small coral and turquoise seed beads. I like to sew. It is a fun hobby.

So tomorrow will be Ramadaan most likely. I am SOOOOOO excited. I will give you the following funny Ramadaan story, after complaining about some of the Saudi guys in her city and their funny attempts to hide the fact that they weren't fasting by running away from their fastfood in the malls.

MF [ruefully admits]: "I used to make my Christian girlfriend fast in the US."

OPNO: "." [OPNO wonders at MF trying to teach a girl he was dating about Islam]

MF [gives a sad embarrassed smile]: "...She'd be fasting... and I'd be sitting there smoking and eating."

OPNO: [laughs]. "Ohhhhhhh MF. Haraam." [Laughs out loud some more, but is happy MF acknowledges this sad mistake and aims for better.]

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