Thursday, August 26, 2010

Style Issue: Hijab and Harem Pants

I am an abaya girl. I LOVE abaya/jilbab, modest/loose fitting clothing [in public]. And I am adverse for Islamic reasons to skinny jeans being worn by Muslim women in public (I am a prude, lol, SO what;p!!!!!) so I am ACTUALLY very relieved about Harem pants being a trend. While it CAN be horrible, some women make it work. I will never wear it out myself and call it "hijab" but for young girls, I am so happy to see it instead of skinnies: I know Ange from her wonderful Muslim woman's fashion blog Hegab Rehab will object of course, quoting the following attrocities as reasons not to tote the look:
To not make it look completely horrifying, pair gladiator sandals, and a loose flowy (but not cocoon shaped or bulbous) top that matches your headscarf colour.

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