Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Omani Architecture: Al Bustan Palace (also doubles as a hotel)

Al Bustan Palace Hotel: 250 rooms, 218 individual rooms and 40 suites, part of the Interoncontinental management chain. Also preforms political functions as a meeting place for the region, ect (or used to... :WOW OPNO, you are getting out of date! Don't write what you don't know right????).
The famed lobby (I have never known why, it just doesn't appeal to me, though I haven't seen the new one. The last time I stayed at Al Bustan was before Gonu (blue tiles anyone with red carpet??????) and they did a complete overhaul, lighteing things up (it does look much better now). I will have to visit again. (They always point out the light fixture saying, do you know how much that costs?). I don't but have never cared on having the most "expensive" anything if it is not the nicest looking or the BEST looking or quality ect... It is impressive, but not my favourite hotel interior. (I am picky though, and I biased in a very personal perspective and writing style).
As far as the hotel rooms are concerned, the only thing that sticks out is how they arrange the bed pillows in an arabic style in the least Arabic of interiors. I DO like THAT.
Al Maha Piano bar (pictured above). This looks like it did last I saw it, so maybe it is an old pic?
(I ALWAYS DID like the grounds and the pool). The beachfront was also very nice. Al Bustan DOES have some of the nicest beach front in Oman.

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