Monday, August 30, 2010

For The True Armchair Athlete. VIP Sports Lounges & Ottomans By Paolo Lillus.

Inspired by his love of sports, designer Paolo Lillus has designed modern lounge chairs whose shape, design and fabrics emulate sports balls of all types. And each has a matching ottoman.

above: designer Paolo Lillus

Whether you're a baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis or golf fan, the modern and comfortable lounge chairs will make watching or reading about your favorite sport that much more of an all inclusive experience. Put your feet up on the matching ottoman and you're a Weekend Warrior.

Each chair and ottoman design is available with your choice from two aluminum base styles; Either four legs or a round flat base.

Wembley Chair and ottoman (shown with round base):

Hattrick Chair and ottman (shown with legs):

NBA Chair and ottoman (shown with round base):

Eagle Chair and ottoman (shown with legs):

Volley Chair and ottoman (shown with round base):

Homerun Chair and ottoman (shown with legs):

The chairs and the ottomans are sold separately and can be purchased here or here.

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