Monday, August 9, 2010


I have made resolutions for this Ramadan to better myself. One is going to night prayers more often, I think I may bike to them. It is the only way too or I would be in for a long walk home (over 2h). It should just be an hour long ride. I may be thinking to high on the time, but after a long day I will be a little tiered. I will only know after the first time. I fist have to replace the front tire in the next few days. It popped off the other day when it went flat. The second is to study more. I have been slacking sooo much. The 3rd is to do more good in the community. When I was to old to go to youth group I lost touch with doing community work. I need to rectify that. I will not be bring food door to door or working at the spca again (but I think everyone should at least a few times in there life) but something a bit more grown up. It will also give me a glimpse at what my future may be like I hope :D. Ah Ramadan come soon.

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