Wednesday, August 4, 2010

For all the women out there that dress modestly...

Cartoon in Arabic translated for ya'll.

Lady in red with headscarf: "I'm wearing hijab for Ramadan!"

Woman in jilbab aka abaya: "!" [not wanting to think about it because judging others is a sin]

Man walking down the road making dhikr on tisbah beads: "Ya Allah! I am fasting" [on repeat].

Yes, women with headscarfs but TOTALLY skin tight clothes, make expat women dressed in a moderately more "halal" manner (and other Muslims) confused in general. My mother was like, do you have to wear it like that, that girl over there, she looks nicer. Yeah, but I know her cup size. That AIN'T no abaya. I don't care about others but I am very aware of what I am wearing. But I don't like that non-Muslims are getting confused on it, like, hey it is alright, or isn't that religion hypocritical and all. That's my only point in this post.
But what makes me the most upset? Girls in SKIN-TIGHT as in "I know your cup size" and "I see your pantyline" abayas pointing out modestly dressed and women and being like the cartoon below:Girls in scarves: "Can you believe her, going out without a hijab? Isn't she ashamed?"
Yeah huh, alright. That IS something you might want to work on this Ramadan ladies.

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