Thursday, April 16, 2009

Well You see.... Ah ya.

Another BBC Vid. Yes I am being lazy... I will have some more post lined up when I have the patience to sit in front of the computer a type a bit longer then 10 min or so. I was just going to Upload some Black Sabbath, war pigs serca 1970 when you could still understand what he was singing. Its sad that Drugs have taken away so many good singers and proffers. People still talk about the "bat" when ever Ozzy is mentioned. In his defence he thought it was a fake bat and only on that fateful chomp did he release the truth. He soon after received some vary uncomfortable shots for rabies. As my dad told me one day as we were driving, that they hurt like hell seeing as its 12 Long needles that go into the tummy aria of your body. He to had an encounter with a Bat. Though unlike Ozzy he did not bite the bat but the bat bit him. On a side note I once found a bat in the girls toilet in my locale church as a young girl. Not saying I'm not young now... Just younger. They used another Black Sabbath song for the theme of Ironman. Note ably called Iron Man. I would sagest lessening to a older version of the song seeing as at times these days its hard to hear what is being said... well more so then the older version. Yes he was most likely high in the 70's version of the song but he is sadly perma stoned in the latter. Man I can't wate for the next Ironman Movie! I wonder how there going to set up the avengers movies? Ya gota have the Cap. Oh Oh that reminds me! Gambit is in the X-men Wolverines Origins. It was a Huge blow that he did not make it into the other movies. And who the heck thought it would be a good idea to leave out the part that mystic is nightcrawler's mom?! Ya. ... Ok I'm way way off topic. right BBC.... Ah what ever Black Sabbath it is! Enjoy the 1970's rock. 

And just for a bit of fun! Eye Of the Tiger! The kick butt Song of all time (or of the last bit lol)
Man I have no clue how many times I have played this on Rock Band or was it Gaiter hero.
Meh there Almost the same thing. ..... I will be back the game is a calling. Enjoy!

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