Friday, April 17, 2009

Jesus in Islam (from you guessed it)

To night I was sent a link to a vid by a sister. She had been watching it and thought I would find it interesting and I did. Now before I converted I did not really read up on Jesus (pbbh). I read the Quran out of order and most likely missed bits. I did plane to be patent and start at the beginning and end at the end but we all know how that trend out. So I never new the finer details. Yes I did know that he was not the sun of God/Allah (I could add all 99 names just to cover my basses...but I am lazy and I do not think anyone would read this then) and yes I did know that marry (bbh) was his mother. But it was the little things. Well I would not call them little but you know what I mean. We will never truly know what happened on that fateful day so there is no use arguing over it (his "death"). We will find out when where dead. To any Atheist that are reading, If your right well ... where dead. Hahaha you can't gloat.... are you really happy now? Ok back to arguing over it. There is no point. Its like arguing over unicorns, It will not get us anywhere and only split us farther apart (though I doubt a debate on unicorns with split people apart, maybe a pirates Vs. ninjas debate but that is another post). So lets agree that we have differences and one day they will come to light, so lets look at what we agree on to start. Like what the two artiness' say at the end. Its fun referencing things that people have but a clue what you are talking about. So here is an interesting movie that will hopefully not start a fight and may teach people things.  ... And its from BBC... I totally did not know till the end when I head that women's voice. I wonder if people on the street stop her and say "Hay are you that BBC voice women that comes on at the end of shows to tell us stuff?". Man the BBC has some good programming. anyhow its movie time running at 46 min and 18 seconds. Take your bathroom brake now. ....waterfalls, streams, rivers, gushing lakes...anything? your good then. 

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