Thursday, April 9, 2009


Ok so its been awhile since I posted OMG (oh my gosh) almost a week. Ehh... what can you do. So I thought I would post about something light and funny. Plus sneak in some of my past. I spent a little bit of time in Japan as a high school student and one thing that I loved to drink besides Oolong was Fanta. I was sad that when I came Back to Canada that I could not get one. Well luck would have it that only a wile latter Fanta would make its north American day-bue (so can't spell that). Now Fanta is readily available .... in most places. :P just need to get Quu now! Quu is an orange drink... may be healthy... not sher. All I know is when I was asked what I liked to drink and said "orange juice" thats what I got. Over all the time I spent in Japan was grate. Though I still think putting a brown cow on a carton is misleading to people. Terns out it was coffee milk... I never did find chocolate milk in the supa.  Here are some funny adds done by Fanta. 

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