Monday, April 6, 2009

20 Funny church signs

Every now and then I see funny signs out side of churches and I wonder why mosques never have them. It would be grate with a little humor braking down some barrios. Like one I saw on Chasers War on Everything (an Australian comedy show) "Don't get Mor-hammered, Get Mo-hammed.". They also did a synagogue too. We need to stand up and stop the monopolization of comedic religious sings. Who's with me? ...right. Well its a start. Hope you like the church signs. 

Faith United General Baptist Church, Forest Hills Evangelical free Church, Northside Baptist Church, River Falls Baptist Church, 
TRI-C christian campus center, Mill Springs Christian Church, United New Church of Christ, Cross of Christ Deliverance Temple,
Freedom Fellowship Church, Donelson View Baptist Church, Sonny Manuel Pastor, Union Grove Baptist Church,
SBC Kelham Baptist Church, St. Joseph Parish Service Center, Claude Presbyterian Church, Ft, Gyril of Alexandria Catholic Church, 
Wyldwood Baptist Church, First United Pentecostal Church of Ragley,

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