Sunday, May 2, 2010

trends jilbab Munajah Love from jakarta

jilbab 'Munajah Love' or hijab 'Khumaira' seems to be a fashion trend Lebaran 2008. He replaces Kris Kristofferson veil or dress koko 'Uje "which became fashion trends Lebaran previous year.

Before Lebaran, jilbab 'Munajah Love' much sought-Muslim women. Just be advised Ryanti Cartwight appear very beautiful when wearing this hijab. This hijab worn when playing Khumaira Ryanti in sinetron "Munajah Love." That is why the headscarf is often referred to as the hijab or headscarf Khumaira Munajah Love.

The targeting of Muslim women who veil is most reasonable because it was trendy. In addition, its model is unique because it combines a variety of motives in a hijab.

"Veil good, very good use, suitable for Lebaran day," said Yuni, when asked why buy jlbab Munajah Love, in the Tanah Abang Market, Monday (09/15/2008).

Isma another reason. The girl who worked in private companies claim they searched the hijab 'Munajah Love "out of curiosity. "Many of my friends and family in the village who have bought the message. And I do not know yet which one," Isma's story.

After seeing the direct Isma felt it appropriate because the headscarf width and fashionable. "According to Shari'a, not tiny so it can cover the chest," said the sweet girl.

But Isma said, the price of this beautiful scarf was still quite costly. For retail, per piece cost Rp 75 thousand-USD 90 thousand.

Soleha, the seller in the Muslim fashion Wholesale Center Tanah Abang Blok A confirmed, hijab 'Munajah Love' was much in demand. He confessed in a day could sell 40 more pieces.

About the price, if you want a cheaper price, you better buy it wholesale. In Tanah Abang, when buying three pieces, you can simply spend USD 150 thousand. In addition, the wholesale center is also available a variety of hues. You just select the color and model you like.

"The price is USD 75.000/lembar for retail, wholesale price if you buy USD 50,000," said Soleha.

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