Monday, May 24, 2010

I wanna go skating.... Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I want to go iceskating, but you don't understand, no one will go with me. Waaaaaaaaaaaa! None of my Omani friends can skate (and very few of the non-Omani expat ones I know can either). Ahhh, I'll have to settle for hosting a tourist then. The place gets busy with tweens after 6:00 pm, and there are some events I promise I will one day check out (hokcey, figure skating...) but I just haven't gotten around to it because... no one I know likes ice. And I went by myself once before... and the image below represents what followed.
Sooooo.... G&S, PLEASE let me teach you!!!!!!!!!

The only ice rink that I know of in Muscat is in Al Khuwair- Al Khuwair Center Ice Rink. It's near the Zawawi Mosque, Al Kuwair, Muscat (if you're taking a taxi that should be enough directions to get you there). The phone number last I checked was (00968) 24 489 492 .

For now, I have my rollarblades, I guess. Maybe. If no one threw them out. But 50 degree weather kinda sucks for rollarblading.

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