Monday, May 17, 2010

Transportation in Oman pt 1

For those who want to travel in Oman, private car is the main way. Oman has many car rental offices [maybe I should list a few links?---when I have more time] and an international driver's liscense can get you a ride. For those staying a bit longer, most countries can easily convert an existing license into an Omani one. Check out the Oman ROP website [link I'll put here eventually]. If you don't have a lisence but want one you have to have a resident's card and then go down to your local ROP office for a learning guide. Then you hire an instructor (those are those white cars with the red and white strips---lol, no newbies, they are not taxis!!!!).
The next most common way is by private taxi. Taxis here are either shared (the fare will be thus reduced) or completely private. The fare is negotiated before you get in so don't be afraid to tell the driver what you want to pay and walk away if he doesn't agree for a cheaper taxi. Tip for women traveling alone (sit in the backseat). Taxis are generally white with orange on them and they are only driven by Omanis. You can wave down a taxi from the side of the road and there are taxi stands.

A more affordable option is the taxi bus, between one area and another, ie from Madinat Qaboos to Ghubra, the fair is only 100 baisa (R.O 0.100), which is shared between many people. Hit the door to let your driver know you want off or say stop here, but these buses may have set routes and stops so ask if they can take you to where you are going first.

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