Sunday, May 23, 2010

My new blue and green room: inshaAllah

Might be moving into a new partment and am soooooo excited. The things is, I always find it is too much of a hassle to paint here in Oman, so i am leaving the walls as they are, a tropical blue, and turtle green. Soooooooo, inspiration is as follows....See, I like the urban ecclectic way of mixing traditional pieces with modern ones, and I like the idea of bouncing a few jeweltone accents (hot pink orchid and purple) off the sombre grey, white, and aqua and greens I've got already. So my main colour palette will be cream, beige, and the tropical blue with dustier blue shades and lime green accents (this gives it a relaxed, tropical, beachy vibe), with bigger colours accents in purple, and very small ones in hot fuschia 9this is where the energy comes from).
And to enhance your own paper lantern follow this link.

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