Monday, May 3, 2010

all sorts jilbab with color

At home, he proudly wore a headscarf. When he came out of his room, the father and his mother screamed. They are angry not playing and asked that his son be released immediately all sorts jilbab with color.children it certainly felt very upset ... imagine, the father against his own mother for wearing a headscarf. The child tries to hold fast to her decision but her father threatened to terminate the parental relationship and child when he insisted.

He recognized the child will not remain forever if want to use the hijab. The boy whined-Gerung uncontrollably. He felt a very poor child's destiny.

Despair not, he asked the teacher where she went to talk with their parents. What is immoral, the teacher refused. He tried again to talk with the cleric near his home to persuade her parents to be allowed to wear the all sorts jilbab with color ... the result? A big zero! The cleric also rejected. This child has never felt such grief that afflicted.

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