Saturday, May 2, 2009

Murder is bad. So no Shanking for me :)

there are vary few things I hate in this world. 1) apples, 2) corn, 3) waking up before 12pm, 4) grape flavoured things (seems most of these are food...), 5) a crazy twisted women from CNN (Im not going to say her name cuz I do not wont to give her the respect of remembering who she is)...well more here actions then her. 6) crazy people that take away respect from others. And I'v ran into one to many today. 5 in total! well that was my rant as I was typing this I got to lazy to complain about being harassed. To much effort to be mad. ... Though if I ever find out WHO ate my fruit bowl at work I will shank them (please note I will not shank them. Murder is bad after all. But I would like them to bye me a new one to replace the one that was eaten). Who I ask Who takes food that is not there out of the fridge!? At a place of employment? I ask you What cruelty did this merciless person posses to do such an unspeakable act of cruelty? .... ok I'm getting worked up over the fruit boll again. There is something with food and I.  ... pleas note I was broke that was dinner and I have spent my last amount of money on that meal. ... Don't mess with a 
hypoglycaemia when there hungry or you bring ALL hell onto yourself. ... Ok off the negative. That seems to have made me hungry and sleepy at the same time. But that makes sence that when you are sleepy you brain translates that a hunger dew to the location in the brain being close to each other. ... I should sleep then.

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