Monday, May 4, 2009

Abayas ... Here comes the girly cuz i feel like it.

2 of these are not like the others, I like the look, colour and cut of these abayas. If I was to become a full time abaya girl I would like to where ones like these. 

I really love this one. 
I really like the selves. It again reminds me of a kimono. Top 10... I think I may have gone over 10. :P
A little flash of colour never hearts.... who am I kidding Add lots. I'm all for coloured abayas.
OOO shiny and sparkly. As you may guess its a top 10. I seem to have a theme in colour going. 
Vary celtic, It is in my top 10... how many are in my top 10 now?
I like the look of this one. It reminds me of yakuza. I always sagest looking up the meaning of kanji before wearing something with it on it. I would look these up, but I'm to lazy at the moment. I may post it as a response. Never ask a man in a Hawaiian shirt for directions in Ginza....they tend to be yakuza. 
A nice simple one. 
One of these things are not like the other.
Vary stream lined and clean. For thoughts day you need to feel put together. 
I am just thinking about all the candy the selves can hold... Though I would sit on it. This is in my top 10. 
This is in my top 10. It has a little red and gold. And a tasselled look. And as people that know me will tell you I love tassels! 
I'm a girl that likes red. 
This somehow reminds me of the colours Buddhist monk's where. 
Ooooo red me like :)
One of these are not like the others. 

I have to use the little girls room brb. back. That was fast~
This reminds me of my gothic days. 
Vary sutler and demure (for a sec i did not know how to spell that. E on the end or no E. Thank goonies' for a speaking computer!)
This is funky. 
I would love to walk around in an old gothic house in this. 
This reminds me of a leaf design that a ninja clan (from a comic book) used. On a side note. I once lived within a block of a naruto making plant in Gamou.  

I seem to always end up looking at this one. Yellow and me are a no no, but I think its no-yellow enough to pull off that colour. 
I really would like to by this but I am worried that its to heavy. 
this looks flowy, many ways to trip. Oh the fun to be had. I wonder if my obit one day will read "died in a horrible abaya accident... that involved 2 elephants and a monkey with a chain saw." I had to add something funny. 
I like red. 
I Sparkle! ok for whoever has been lucky enough to miss out of twilight be happy. Its a reference to when the guy obsess girl find out that vampires sparkle in the sunlight....*vomits in mouth* ....I like the abaya though, not the book that sends out a bad message to young girls that think that you can only be happy if a man loves you. ...mmm off topic , Hot topic...sorry..
I like the cut of this one. ... now just to make it with out the cazzy price tag

This one is in my top 10
I really really like this one. I wonder where I could by it.
The one on the Left is my fav of the 2 
Cool hoodi look. 
I like the selves. they remind my of a yukata 浴衣 that I wore. Some have little pockets so you can stick little things in like money or candy. I never sagest trying to hide money in your belt or bar... hard to get it and hard to get out.  

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