Monday, May 11, 2009

Cat Stevens to Yusuf Islam

There was a documentary made about Cat Stevens and how he became Yusuf Islam. His Songs inspired a generation. Though his life he explored many different ideas before looking at Islam. He has done may good things in his life. After his conversion he stopped playing music. He later made nasheeds and has started singing his old music again. ... um so here is the BBC Documentary. 

Cat Stevens Conversion to Yusuf Islam (BBC Documentary)

Yusuf Islam - Father & Son 

Cat Stevens - Father and Son Original

Peace Train by Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)  


Cat Stevens - Peace Train (live)

A is for Allah by Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)


Cat Stevens - Heaven (Where true love goes)

Yusuf Islam - The Beloved

Yusuf Islam - In The End

Yusuf Islam - I Think I See The Light

Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam - The Little Ones

Cat Stevens An Other Cup Music Yusuf islam

Yusuf Islam / Cat Stevens- Wind East and Wes

Yusuf Islam - God is the Light (Allah Nurdur) (Live)


Yusuf Islam - Taleal Badru Aleyna (Live)


I Look I See - Yusuf Islam


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