Saturday, May 9, 2009

BBC - An Islamic History of Europe

Its been awhile but I'm back to BBC documentaries again. I have quite a few lined up. I just have to get around to watching them first. I can not fantom the idea of putting something that I have not watched to see if there is something that can be taken from it to help us in some why. I do not wont to watch the first 10 min and say "ya its ok" only to find that 30 min in it permits hatred and other bad stuff. In short I'm covering my butt. This one I have tried to watch a few times now. Once on TV and a few times on the net. Things got in they way but I should be happy for that seeing as if I had not sat down tonight I would not be posting this on the Blog. It is a grate one here that talks about Islam, Judaism and Christianity working together in Spain before the renaissance even happened. Pixie you are going to like this I think. It shows that we can get along, Its only when we tern our backs on what we learned and look at the loss only is where the problems start. We need to bring back the grate ear of learning and working together. Not forget it. Knowledge in Islam, Knowledge in Since, Math, Arts, Languages. All Of these things need to get a kick in the ASS! Sorry for the swear But we are getting Lazy! We have forgotten that we should take pride in ourselves and not all fall to the lowest common denominator.  Pick up a book, Debate with friends, Go for that crazy dream you have, not, is the real destruction of ourselves.... ok I'm becoming way to preachy. Have a good view. PS> he is not preachy.

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