Tuesday, May 26, 2009

BBC Science in Islam

Today I bring you another BBC Doc. This time about Science with in Islam. I will leave the since in the Quran alone dew to my lack of knowledge. I have removed my Music player in hopes that people that are unable to view shows are able to know. This Doc will look into the link of Islam and the spread of information. People have forgotten that Islam is not a violent "lets go bomb so and so" religion but one that tells us to search out knowledge where ever that may take us. So here is a little look back so we may look forward again. 

Science in Islam, Episode one. 

~Time for a food run or bathroom brake. ~

Since in Islam - The Empire of Reason, Episode two 

Science in Islam - The Power of Doubt, Episode 3 (its cut into 6)






yay there all here now. Though the first one is missing the first 3 min. I will try to do something about it when I am not so sleepy. 

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