Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Honeymoon in Paris for OPNO????

OPNO might be going to..... France.

What? And leave beautiful Oman? I thought you said you'd honeymoon here. Afterall, you talked your good friends into it.

Well, part of my family is from France. And the honeymoon in France wasn't my idea, it was MOP's. I told him my history, and he wants to Chateaus and trees and things. He's been to Europe before, and enjoyed. And he has friends there. And he thinks that I can translate, which I, well, cannot. London was more my dream holiday.

So I haven't confirmed, but he wants to go. When I amass enough coporate hours to deserve some vactions ones. Which is tentative.

I wish I could upload some wonderful eye candy photos of French style, and foods.

It'll be my excuse to get some lovely trendy colorful abayas made, and to by a capelet coat, and gloves. You simply cannot go to Paris without living the dream of "la vie en rose" can you not?

Anyways, until then, I will content myself with dreams of petit fours, and buying faux Louis Vuitton for my little sis in Bajha.

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