Monday, January 3, 2011

100 followers today, wow, and yay!

Wow, I have 100 followers as of today, which amazes me, since this blog started out as a runaway's journal (until I added some friends), mainly about personal nonsense no one needs to know, and Omani cultural things and observations of quirky situations.

Such as friends like KH driving 120 km on a winding road with his feet out the car, skating the pavement.

Yeah. Life in Oman as we know it.

-OPNO Princess

Thank you all for reading our blog. I love Oman and I am glad you found some of our stories just a horrifying or hilarious as we did. I hope you enjoyed the interior design posts that had nothing to do with Oman as much as I did;p

-An Omani Princess studying in the USA

Dear beloved followers:

100 followers. Who'd of thunk it? Since we r noooooo Muscat Confidential and lack wit of any kind. We hope to add an additional OPNO or two into the mix soon, and I pray, inshaAllah, that none of us ever fights with the rest, and changes our blogger account password:D


If there is anything else you'd like us to add on the blog, or if you'd like to email us pics to post on the blog ect, ect, our email is (though minus the spaces)

OPNO princess @ hotmail. com

-OPNO #3

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