Sunday, January 23, 2011

College/Uni Hijabis

I have just been sitting here thinking of what to ware tomorrow for class. Black abaya, black abaya or black abaya lol. It really comes down to the scarf and accessories. For a little extra spice a funky coat and cute side bag is a must or back pack with proper support for heavy books. For a light school day a side bag is a smart choice but be careful not to go to heavy or you can put your back at risk. I was in the baggy 70's knit last term with a black backpack, but this term I need a new bag (ripped mine (to many books) with help from a kitty that went at it like a scratching post one night) and a jacket. I have a bagin mind I saw at the Uni book store. I also am in the market for a new pare of glasses. Kliik is my brand of choice as they fit my head well. Only brand I have found that fit lol. I also like to ware comfy clothing under my abaya as I will be studying for long hoursand its never fun adjusting and readjusting all day long a hemline under an abaya. Though the adjust pants dance is funny.

On a school trip with my warm fall knit

I typically have on legging with a short dress Or what I call a top lol and long sleeves. I am a sucker for long socks, and I also tend to carry an extra pair of in my bag for when I get into a house.

I even put them other my other socks for extra warmness :)

Here is a cute outfit for the cooler months at school. For a hijabi, throw on a wider leg and under shirt and good to go. For the abaya wearing girls out there, put the knit over the abaya and where a light T underneath so not to over heat. The hat over a light scarf can be useful in windy weather and keep your heat worm, cuz one pet peeve of mine is wearing a super worm scarf, then boiling my brains out once I'm indoors. The key to any good, comfy, outfit is layers that can be added and subtracted throughout the day to meet you're heating needs.

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