Monday, December 6, 2010

DAILY DIARY: Another long weekend in Oman

Yay! Go red white and green (and khanjar). We have another long weekend in Oman to look forward too, resplendant with a fireworks competition. [MOP keeps calling it a 'fire show' which I find kinda adorable].
...And almost perfect weather. Now me, I am not always a fan of long weekends, because, a. sometimes there aren't nearly long enough:)... go running through the grass under the shade of the trees on the farm behind my house, or read under the lemon and mango lazily swing on the swing of the old house that is now a barn for the cattle, feet in the sand, under the palms... ...wading at Al Thawarah.
...maybe go ride along the beach (no bikini for me though) in Seeb....enjoying sweet afternoon daydreams...
AND SOMETIMES, I HATE LONG WEEKENDS because they are tooooooooooooo long:...full of boring social committments that numb and rot my mind away with stupid talk about how to treat maids or how much money someone spent to show for myself by myself. Sometimes, welllllll.... it isn't so glam and verges on a trashy classless affair lol. ...traveling by myself. I like to have a partner in crime. Bonnie is not anything without her Clyde:'(

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