Saturday, December 11, 2010

10 under $100 for the Holidays - Party Dresses

Christmas has rolled around once again and for many of us, this time usually comes with invites to plenty of cocktail parties and Christmas dinners. If you're going to get through all your holiday events in style (and with your sanity intact), a fabulous cocktail dress is a definite must-have for the season.

We ladies all have different holiday dress personalities - some of us like to be the centre of attention while others prefer to have a more subtle party presence.

The 10 lovely dresses I've listed below cater to both personality types and are well below $100! Budget-friendly and stylish options because you've all been great girls this year - you deserve it ;)


Price: UK£17.00 (US$26.40)

Price: US$53.94

2b Velvet Drape Dress
Price: US$49.95

Price: UK£30.00 (US$46.89)

Strapless Party Dress
Price: US$23.80


Ivory Tower Cream Dress
Price: US$34.00

Sleeveless Sequin Ballerina Dress
Price: US$24.99

All Over Lace Pleated Bust Tube Dress
Price: UK£34.50 (US$53.57)

Ruffle Shoulder Dress
Price: US$31.47

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