Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Students in Belgium Wear Jilbab Banned

Students in Belgium Wear Jilbab Banned

Regional Council of Flanders, Belgium, starting this week, adopted the regulations ban use of religious symbols in primary and secondary schools. Schools were given a year's time to socialize the ban. Among the parties affected by this rule are students who must release the identity of veiled Muslim when he got in school.

However, this rule the school welcomed. They claim there has been pressure against non-Muslims and Muslim students do not want hooded hooded order. However this is disputed a number of parties. According to women's human rights group, Free Choice, a decision that can interfere with student learning. Students also become reluctant to socialize and possibly prefer homeschooling or home school program.

Flanders Regional Council decision was reminiscent of a rule in France six years ago. The regulation prohibits public school students to wear religious symbols such as headscarves and crucifixes.

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