Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fashion Inspiration - Business Chic

When it comes to working in fashion, it can been a bit of a challenge sometimes trying to figure out what to wear during the interview stage and even after you've got the job.

If there's a uniform or specific dress code guidelines (for one job, I was required to wear all black everyday), it can be restricting and boring but it certainly makes picking out work wear much less time consuming.

However, if no dress code has been identified, it can be an intimidating task trying to pick out the right look.

I've asked a few fashion insiders what is the key to a great fashion interview outfit and they have all said, "Be yourself and show your personality". It's great advice because the truth is, if you don't feel like yourself, you won't be yourself.

Personality is such an important part of making a good impression in a fashion job but it can be tricky to find the right balance of personality and professionalism.

What you wear can say a whole lot about who you are and what you're about before you even open your mouth so you don't want it to say the wrong thing.
If your outfit is dull and frumpy, they may assume that you lack personality, creativity and you're the type to always play it safe. However, depending on the job, if your outfit is too casual or too crazy, it may give the impression that you're a flaky type who isn't really serious about working.

A good way to keep the outfit looking business smart is to include a structured piece of some sort, for example, a sharp blazer or tailored trousers and personality can be shown through interesting prints, colours, accessories and more.

Doing research on the company should give you a good idea of their style aesthetic and you can find a way to incorporate an element that reflects this into your outfits instead of sacrificing your own style.

Below are some fantastic business chic inspirations, both simple and adventurous, that strike the right balance of professional and personal style.

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(Please let me know of any sources that I've left out and I will add them asap)

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