Friday, March 19, 2010

Halal Music time.

I was searching around youtube to see what is on it. I have not really kept up with the hole internet in the last 6 months. Tends to happen with not having full time net. Here is a bit of music that is %100 halal. I know it is not all that new but whatever, still sounds good mushallah.

The brotherz - America

Native Deen - Not Afraid to stand Alone

Native deen - Astaghfirallah

NATIVE DEEN -- Small Deeds

NATIVE DEEN -- Intentions

The Brotherz * sahaba * brothers

The brotherz * need to know * brothers

The brotherz * thank you * brothers

The Brotherz- Sister Sister

SEVEN8SIX (786) - Meccah Video

Students of Madrasah Noor for the Blind

Native Deen - Eid Morning

Outlandish-Keep It Halal

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