Sunday, December 27, 2009

Traditional Woman's Dress in Muscat

In general, the majority of Omani women my age wear Western brand clothes with a black abaya over top in and about Muscat. But at home (or for special occasions) some might where the traditional dress (I have three for weddings). The robe (thawb or dishdasha) is made from cotton printed with various geometric or flower patterns or from plain cloth. Around the neckline and cuffs the thawb is decorated with gold and silver bands and tilli (a kind of locally made braid). To the lower hem of the thawb is attached a piece of cloth of differing colour called the sinjaaf. With the thawb are worn narrow pantaloons (sirwaal or tiidi) decorated with broad patterns extending downwards from below the knee. Over the head is worn the waqaya, a kind of shawl consisting of a 3 meter long piece of light cotton cloth with tassels of coloured wool along the shorter ends. These tassels may also be woven from coloured silk or gold and silver thread according to the taste of the wearer.

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