Friday, December 25, 2009

Funny Things About Muscat

-All the cars are white (or black)
-SUVS like to "bully" other cars
-People don't mind blocking people in when they park and they park ANYWHERE!!!! (Once, at Muscat days, we were trapped all day.)
-Men look at you funny if you drive a truck.
-Everyone always has new cars...they buy and trade in and buy...weird!
-The street signs are often on the wrong side to see them in time for your turn-off
-People are always one to three hours late for everything.
-Men tend to annoy you but if you walk a dog they don't: D
-People jump into the bushes if you walk by them with a dog.
-People in shops tend to give me things (don't know why but they do) I never buy anything touristy (it is always given to me).
-The furniture tends to be very gaudy (tassels, B? but she likes tassels)
-The maids even iron your underwear
-not alot of Omanis do physical labour and they find it hilarious when I do
- Maids and workers are not treated very well and that makes me MADDDDDDDD! They work way too hard for the pay they get[k, that's not so funny] and people think it is okay to make racist impressions of Indians
-Not very many women wear niqab in Muscat (more wear the birqa)
-When "Muslim" men go to ex-pat places to drink they tend to sneak in hoodies and jeans to "look" American" foolin' no one
-The mall bathrooms are cleaned like every time someone uses it...niceeee (don't try the one's at the hospitol though LOL)
-REALLY if you like to use Toilet paper...LOOK before ya sit cause some people don't use it!
-The law is not really enforced when it comes to seatbelts, speed limits...and baby car eats...also kids drive in the front seat...people hold babies in the front seat!
-Yeah, the perfume. I could smell it a mile down the beach on a woman. Amouge. He he he

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