Monday, December 28, 2009

Traditional Men's Dress

Traditional dress for men in Oman consists of the dishdasha (robe), kuma (omani hat) or musyr (headwrap), and is accessoized for special occasions (namely weddings) with the khanjar (silver dagger) and rifle.
Omani men wear traditional robes called dishdasha. The Omani dishdasha differs from other styles in that it has a short (often perfumed) tassel at the neck. The dishdasha in Oman are often white but may be dyed another colour, brown and navy being popular. If wearing a coloured dishdasha, the musyr (headwrap) is often styled to match. I think they are the best looking dishdasha in the Gulf, honestly, but nasty to iron.
Often you will see men wearing an emboidered pill-box-style cotton hat, called a kuma. He he he, I own four. I wear them with skirt suits (as a joke). Ladies, please don't prance about in dishdasha and kuma. It horrifies the men and goes against a ruling in Islam. I speak from experience. Yes, I am Majnoonah.
The Musyr (which I am a bigger fan of than the kuma) if often a bright printed piece of fabric but the boys from my old hood wore keffiyahs ("you know for Palestine?").
Can't complete your outfit without a khanjar strapped to your waist. I was gifted one in Nizwa. The shopkeeper found me off, that I took a dagger over a necklace...

Also, sometimes a (I forget the name but WILL fill it in) is worn on top of the dishdasha.

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