Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Western Isles of Scotland

Here is a nice little advert/learning that found on youtube. I think these places look vary prity and just the right temp. My favourite season is Fall. Here in BC where I am it is not the like the Falls I grow up with at all. The falls I grow up with had every lawn covered with yellow, read and orange leaves (as we all know that the reason leaves change colour is dew to the shutting down of chloroplast in the leaves.) Wiki link, Simple link. Its all dew to the tree not being able to support

photosynthesis during the short winter days. But I also Liked the crisp cool air that terns your cheeks numb after a few hours of running around. It is my favourite season. Do not get me wrong I like summer but I spend more time lying on the floor in hot weather then any other time of the year. I would like to visit these places. They may look a bit boring but the boring things tend to sometimes be the most fun and leave long lasting memories. So here are the Vids.

Islands of Scotland - The Western Isles (1/3)

Islands of Scotland - The Western Isles (2/3)

Islands of Scotland - The Western Isles (3/3)

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