Saturday, June 20, 2009

Welcome to Dubai

Welcome to Dubai is a 4 prater off of youtube. It feels like a promo vid at the start but it gets away from that and moves into the history of Dubai then back into promo mode. Each vid has a commercial at the beginning do not mind it. It will show you landmarks placed with dates that explain the growth of the emirate. I would love to go back into the old Dubai and is untouched nature, but sadly that is gone and for good I would say. Growth and expansion is good but not at the price of heritage. There needs to be a better grasp on the past in lots of countries before there history is barryied under the next mall. I am looking for other cities and countries around the world to show on this blog. It can give good ideas for travel options.

Welcome to Dubai 1

Welcome to Dubai 2

Welcome to Dubai 3

Welcome to Dubai 4

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