Tuesday, June 23, 2009

All about Stamps and Coins

Ok so I'm trying to serf blogs and I keep ending up at this blog http://stamps-coins.blogspot.com/ ...Ya tell me about it. I noticed this a while back that I always end up on the same blog (it changes on day to day) where I am stuck and can't get past. I have made it to about 6 or 7 blogs (my record) before I am stuck with this. Do not get me wrong it looks interesting and if I ever need to know about tin tin coins detected to the 80th anniversary, I will read the blog. Its just that the Blog does not have a next blog button. So I am forced to get back to the page I started with and try again. I have started from different blogs and the same thing happened. It kinda like the Mormon adds following my friend on youtube. He is not Mormon or searched it up. I am not picking on the stamps and coins blog. I am picking on Blogger... well making fun of. And if anyone is wonder what adds fallow me around you tube its Muslim dating and home reno shops. I am still trying to figure that one out. I mean if they did adds on what you search or watch I should have world news that is reported by cats in super hero costumes adds popping up. Pleas note that as far as I know there is no kitty news network... and there dressed like super heroes. I may have to search that. ...well uh I was not expecting that. I searched and I do not know if I should post it. It terns out that someone did make Cat News, And well. .... It is funny as hell. Though it does have about 2 or was it 3 swear words. I will post a link for Cat News so if you would like to watch you can. What was I ranting about? Oh well I'm to lazy. Night all.

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