Friday, February 27, 2009

Start with Kilts end with Music!

Hello Everyone again, haha it is funny saying "everyone" when no one has even read this blog. Oh sorry, 1 person has read it, you know who you are :P. As of late Scotland has come up in conversation many times in the last week-ish. Mostly to do with music and kilt, or more to the matter men in kilts. Now i have heard countless people call them skirts. There not. You where nickers under a skirt and as many of you out there know scottish men seem to have a thing for going commando. Though at time it would seem a wise idea too. But back to my point. As I see it there is nothing more manly then a kilt.  well a stubbly beard, Oh a good business suit.... Oh I'm way off topic here. Yes besides kilts there has been talk of bagpipe music. Now i have heard it all "it sounds like a dead cat with a pipe stuck up its bum"  well there are more that is just my favorite one. Now as a person that likes bagpipe music and is learning to play the bagpipe (its halal) I feel the need to vindicate this wonderful music. There are some vary good bands out there. One that comes to mind is a traditional modern group called Albannach. All you wont to do when you hear there music (that is 100% halal) is stand up grab your claymore and dance all night. Well maybe not dance with a claymore, I do not wont to be seeing lots of people walking around missing bits. It is vary easy to cut someone even if it is blunted. I have more then once, But that was in fencing class and they blocked with there arm as I went in for a strike. It was an accident, but boy does it scare you the first time. I think i spent all class saying sorry to her. Where was i again? Ah yes, Good bagpipe music. There is also a rock band that has used them a few times called Dropkick Murphys out of Boston (rock group). I will post some links. Mmh I wonder if the Kilt Lifters (ska) use bagpipes? I... can't remember. With a name like that you would assume. I will have to find my CD. Pleas note that the last two bands I have mentioned are not ummm what you would call angles... ya. Now from this you may think that Im only into rock/punk/ska. That is not the case. I all so like reggae and many many others. ....though not country. There is only so much a person can take! I mean really talk about a pipe up a dead cats bum. Sorry, I did say I liked that one.  Oh I should also add in Needfire into that. They are Celt rock group. Oh look at the time I'm off to bed. Bye oh and I somehow added this background colour and can't get rid of it. haha. Here is the Albannach link. And Dropkick Murphys link

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