Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pindsey is stepping out so to say.

Hello all this is pindsey. Am I evan spelling that right? Well probly not and it would be easy to check but~ ... that would mean I would have to go all the way to google and search out a blog . haha.  Just joking I am not that lazy. After all what is a edit button for if not to use it? So I should start out saying what this will all be about. I am not a scholar or a fashionista but I am a bit out in left field so that should help my case. Just as a warning to you all I am a bad speller so if a word pops up in the middle of a sentience that you go "say what now", It is dew to my heavy reliance on spell checker. Oh so where was I? Oh yes what this will be about! The answer is I Have No Clue! This should be fun. 
I have been wondering though if other people out there go to LOL Cats at 3am and look at comedic pics of kitting riding air bikes or contemplating celling cat? No? Really... I guess I really am a crazy cat lady in the making. Well Since that is settled I will watch Cute With Chris after posting this. Then I am going to search out Non Milk recipes to yummy food that is easy to make. Heck I may evan post a few recipes and if I remember what I make the food I may take a pic of the not so hopefully burnt food. I just need to find the new flash drive that I lost after I lost the first one.  Oh I should post a Pic of what the food should look like with the recipe before i make it, and remember its not what it looks like but what is on the inside that counts. Same with people! On the Hole and Hole my inside are squishy and a bit squishy... what you thought I was going to say something ells? Ok well that is it for my first post. The Crazy Cat Lady is calling "~put oOoon yoOoour cloOooOgs~" 

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