Friday, February 13, 2009

Sale Alert - Akira

How is it that I have never come across this store, Akira, before? Has it been under a rock this whole time? (or have I?)

My first instinct was to keep my newfound discovery all to myself with the fervent possessiveness of Gollum in The Lord of the Rings. However, after realizing that it actually is impossible to buy everything they have in stock and that other people most likely already know about it anyway, I decided I'd pass on this sale info to you lovely readers.

For anyone else who has never heard of it before, here's a little bit of info on the store. Akira is a Chicago-based store that offers a wide range of Women's and Men's Clothing, Footwear, and Accessories from well known labels as well as up-and-coming designers. Akira also has a private label that is described as "the perfect way to get a fashion forward look without paying a designer price."

Akira is currently having a sale where you can get 30% off selected Women's clothing and it's insane the kind of items they have at such low prices! What I've listed below is just a very small selection of the clothing available. There were just too many stylish and affordable items - on sale and at regular prices - to list here.

Akira Waist Tie Tunic
Price: US$25.20

Steve Madden Rytz Shoe
Price: US$67.20

Akira Lavish Dress
Price: US$45.60

Akira Oxford Trim
Price: US$44.40

Ben Sherman Arden Skinny Trousers
Price: US$77.40

Click here to visit the Akira home page and click here to check out what other items they have on sale!

Also, in other good news, my birthday is coming up on Sunday (the big 2-1)! I won't be having a party or any huge affair but I'll probably be going out somewhere. I'll try to locate a camera and post photos of whatever outfit I wear :)

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