Saturday, February 28, 2009

More then 5 min?

So here we are today. I am hungry. I could go make food but I am not hungry enough to. Or it may be that I am too lazy to make something. It seems that I may have come accustom to instant gratification food. Now if you are thinking to yourself what is instant gratification food? All you have to do is walk over to your fridge and open it. It is more then likely that if you are not a starving Ethiopian that your fridge is filled with over priced packaged food that will take less the 5 min to make. Come on now 10 min is way too long! I mean I cold um Serf facebook endlessly for no reason in that time. So here I am sitting in front of the computer hungry but not enough to put any real effort into solving that problem. Mmm sounds a bit like how most people treat global issues. We care about them, feel bad about it all and talk or friends’ ear off about it but that is where it stops. Now I am more then guilty of it. Somehow just talking about it and playing a half ass violin solo is more them enough for the average person. Some how I do not think this will solve anything. But who am I to say. Mmm I think I will go make something to eat.

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