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Many misunderstandings of Islam in society. For example, the hijab. Not a few people think that what is meant by "hijab" is a veil. Actually not. Hijab is not a veil. Hood in Al-Qur `an surah An-Nur: 31 referred to as" khimaar "(plural:" khumur "). The veil is found in surah Al-Ahzab: 59, actually is a loose shirt that covers the entire body of women from top to bottom (not cut). 

Another misunderstanding is the common assumption that Muslim clothing that was important was closed genitalia, fashionable clothes or a piece of the canal is considered not a problem. Considered, the model piece is okay, the important thing is it has closed the private parts. If you've closed the private parts, is considered perfectly Muslim dress. And not so. Islam has set the conditions for Muslim clothing in public life, as shown by the texts of Al Qur `an and As Sunnah. Closing the aurat is only one requirement, not the only requirement. Other requirements such as Muslim clothing should not use a transparent material or textile mengekspolitir woman's curves. Thus, although the closing genitalia but if you print a tight body-alias or use a transparent textile material-is still not considered a perfect Muslim clothing. 

Therefore, such a misunderstanding needs to be clarified, so that we can return to the teachings of Islam is pure and free from the influence of environmental, social, or false customs rampant and raging in the community. Indeed, if we are consistent with Islam, sometimes feels very heavy. For example, wear the hijab (in the sense that right). In the middle of a variety of fashions trendy women who advertised and up to date, the headscarf is a clear contrast will appear orthodox, rigid, and less trendy (and of course, not sexy). In fact, fashion scarf that's the right clothing for Muslim women. This is where the Muslim tested. Here he must choose whether he will remain steadfast to obey the provisions of Allah and His Messenger, as he bears a heavy feeling in the heart but God's pleasure, or willing to be dragged by persuasion or seduction passion for the cursed devil wear modes that propagated the wild pagan to the end that the Muslim fall into sin, heresy, and immorality .. 

In connection with that, the Prophet Muhammad had said that there will come a time when Islam will become something alien, including the hijab fashion-as the early arrival of Islam. In such circumstances, we should not dissolve. Should remain in Islam, even as heavy as a holding burning coals. And God willing, in a damaged condition and depraved as this, those who remain faithful will receive a double reward. Even with the reward of fifty times more than the reward of the Companions. Word of the Prophet SAW: 

"Islam originated in a foreign state. And he will come back to something foreign. So fortunately the people who were alienated. "(Narrated by Muslim, no. 145) 

"Surely in the back of you there are days that require patience. Patience in those days it was like holding hot coals. For those who do a practice at that time will get the reward of fifty men who do deeds like that. There is a saying, 'O Messenger of, whether it is the reward of fifty of them? "Messenger SAW said," Even fifty people among you (the Companions). "(Narrated by Abu Dawood, with a hasan chain of transmission)

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