Monday, November 16, 2009

Example Model Jilbab

jilbab is one of Muslim clothing. It is now more and more models and covered ways. Below are some examples of models covered:

1. party

This veil can be used when going to a party or a formal banquet.

2. sports

When exercising can use this model. Attached to the back end of uung chest so as not to open when moving on.

3. to study

This is a big veil (covering almost all the chest and back. Can be used as seminar or as the study of religion. For neutral events also okay as long as we feel comfortable.

4. simple

This model is very simple. the veil 'so' and then given a brooch accent. Pin positions depending tastes. Able to go to college, shopping, the mall, or where aja.

5. simpel2

This simple model, using a rectangular scarf. tied at the back and then given a brooch in front.

6. Another way

This modification of the model piles. Using two fabrics. Able to semi-formal or formal.

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