Saturday, November 21, 2009

Can anyone say Oman?

Ok so for the last 2 months I have been MIA, Lots has happened. I was in the UAE and now I am in Oman. Got a nice little apartment with a rocking flatmate. No hot water yet but soon Inshallah. A friend is taking me tonight to check things out, plus get a bed frame and dresser. I am ok without the bed frame. I just really would like a dresser and some rope so i can make an makeshift hang-line. I do not have net full time yet just borrowed someone's stick for 48 hours to communicate and watch as much tv from the USA as possible through it all. Have lots to wiki too. Things never seem to tern out how you picture it will. I defiantly did not see what my future may be. Ah so much to think about. So I will try and do some blogging. may have to pre-write everything. should be fun. But got to go for now, the nice lady that come once a week is here. Have a good day all.

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