Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

1.) S is right on the money. I need more than "love and fresh air" to survive.

2.) Never touch a drink or be around somebody who does.

3.) Don't let myself get talked into anything more. Better adab, better hijab, more five pillar focus.

4.) He he, stop listening to county music. Or you will be disowned.

5.) Go horseback riding on the beach.

6.) Learn to drive, um, safely. And legally.

7.) Change one particular unjust law.

8.) Live. Living is NOT a state of being.

9.) Get a real kitchen. A hot plate does NOT a kitchen make.

10.) Help an old friend, but help self first.

And to take stock of last year, a post inspired by ANGRY IN OMAN
Number of posts I wrote - 43
Number of pounds lost - 11 (it was scary)
Number of pounds regained due to Christmas related eating-20 (alhamdulilah)
Number of car accidents - 0
Number of car accidents our fault - 0
Number of trips to the floor - 0
Number of jobs lost - 1
Number of blessings in disguise regarding jobs lost - cannot even begin to count.
Number of jobs offered -2( I have yet to decide)
Number of times appreared in local newspaper -1
Number of time appeared in local newspaper for good deeds - 1 (about wearing niqab)
Number of friends made - 25
Number of best friends lost and found - 1
Number of weddings attended - 1
Number of funerals attended - 0
Number of medical emergencies - 10 (other peoples' not mine!)
Number of sporting events attended - 1
Number of balls attended - 0
Number of times I lost my wedding ring - 1
Number of times found my wedding ring after losing it -NA
Number of times the houseboy nearly saw me naked - 0 (but 1 time if it how many times a male accidently saw one without hijab)
Number of loved ones who came to visit - 0
Number of trips to Western countries - 1
Number of times dissatisfied with local merchants - 1 (um, why does every pot you buy in Oman have a missing lid?!)
Number of near-misses on the road - 4
Number of coffee mornings attended with friends -2 Number of novels attempted to write - 1
and thank you Nadia and T.S Elliot, so true: " To make an end is to make a Beginning." -T. S. Eliot . I am ending my old life in this country, and seeking out a new life in Muscat.

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